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Our flagship ciders feature apples grown and pressed in Lancaster County and we also partner with other orchards across Pennsylvania thanks to the fact that it is the fourth largest apple growing state in the country! We take a winemaker’s approach to making cider, focusing on allowing the fruit to shine.

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Modern Still – 7.3% ABV

Completely still and bone dry. Fruit forward with bright acidity. Pairs well with washed-rind cheeses, seafood or spicy dishes.

Availability: year round at local retailers.

Modern Sparkling – 7.3% ABV

Natural in-bottle effervescence. Earthy with a slight haze. Pairs well with aged cheeses, brunch dishes and is a great celebratory drink!

Availability: year round at local retailers.

King in Arms – 7.3% ABV

Aged on toasted French oak chips and lightly carbonated. Notes of cedar, maple and vanilla. Pairs well with soft or semi-soft cheeses and fatty meats.

Availability: year round at local retailers.


Wild Smokehouse – 6.8% ABV

This is the next entry in our Wild Series that explores single apple varietals spontaneously fermented in the style of Spanish Sidra. Wild Smokehouse is the successor to our first entry in the series, Wild Jonagold, which honored us with a blue ribbon from the 2020 PA Farm Show. Smokehouse is a Lancaster County native variety discovered as a chance seedling and introduced in 1837. We're proud to say the almost candy-like sweetness and subtle rich flavors of the pre-fermented juice transformed into a bright expressive acidity that uses a touch of carbonation to dance on the palate. Summer Rambo coming mid 2020.

Availability: limited stock at select local retailers including Bottle Room, Bottle Bar East, Bloomsday and more starting the week of Feb 24.

Outpost – 10% ABV

A traditional New England style cider fortified with brown sugar pre-fermentation. Aged for 10 months in a rum barrel from Manatawny Still Works. Rich notes of molasses, baked apple and an off-dry finish.

Availability: limited stock at select local retailers. Limited draft only at Bottle Room in Downingtown, PA.

Origin Series: Origin Manor, 2018 vintage – 7.6% ABV

Harvested annually at a private orchard in Downingtown. This heritage cider includes Dabinett and Gold Rush apples to provide a rich tannic background. Winesap, Golden Russett and Harrison apples impart a sharp acidity to tie this cider together.

Availability: Only 5 cases produced in 2018, released at select local retailers. Estimated 30 to 40 cases for the 2019 vintage.

North Star Heritage 2017 – 7.9% ABV

Seven varieties were sourced exclusively from North Star Orchard in Cochranville, Pennsylvania to create this small batch. Only 50 bottles were produced and served at a seated workshop held at North Star Orchard.

Availability: sold out.


Golden Rosé – 7.9% ABV

Co-fermented with a pound of fresh strawberries per gallon of our Lancaster-grown apple cider. Ripe strawberry aroma with a delicate sweetness.

Availability: released June 2020.

What’s next

Experimentation was key to our beginnings and remains a priority as we seek to create new goods you can’t find elsewhere. We’re always working with regional farms and orchards to create custom blends. Stay connected for news on our new products.